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So, what now?

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So many choices

The traditional route

You could try to get an agent, but rejection rates are high:

  • They publish only certain genres, and your work may not fit their market.
  • Traditional publishing houses tend to be terribly risk averse.
  • Perhaps they do not see you as "big" enough for their investment.

Online self-pub providers

These guys are aggressive marketers, so beware.

  • They will promise you listing on Amazon, etc,. and sales of thousands. But reality might be different
  • The books will be priced in USD and may be too high for the local market.
  • The quality of production might not be what you expect; we have some of their titles.
  • They will control marketing, so please check their royalty scheme.


D-I-Y will give you total control of your work and costs, but:

  • Unless you are in the industry, there will be a steep learning curve
  • You will get to keep all sales revenue.
  • But you will have to do all the marketing, which is true no matter which publishing model you choose.
  • A D-I-Y model will be a daunting prospect for most people.

The SilverfishNew solution

Assisted D-I-Y is the best way to describe this model:

  • You'll have full control of your costs, and there'll be no big sales pitches. You decide.
  • We will advise you on how to save costs.
  • We will teach you how and where to sell your books.
  • We have the of lowest price points of any self-publishing company in Malaysia.

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