First Silverfish Writing programme for 2019

Shih li in FrenchOur first Silverfish Writing Programme for 2019 will commence on Saturday, Feb 16, 2019 (after the Chinese New Year Holidays) and the 2-hour sessions will run from 10.00am to 12.30pm every Saturday for 10 weeks after that at the Commonwealth Club, 4, Jalan Birah, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.(Tell your ride to come after 1.00pm because our discussions always go on much longer).

This is exactly the same programme of which Shi-Li Kow was an early participant. Her first book with Chua Kok Yee and Rumaizah Abu Bakar, News from Home, came out in 2007. Her first solo effort, Ripples and other stories (2008)was shortlisted for the Frank O’Conner short story award in Ireland that year. Her first novel, The Sum of Our Follies, has been translated into Italian and French, with negotiations for a German version at an advanced stage.

More recently, Shih-Li Kow's novel has been making waves in France: it was awarded a significant prize during the French literary season! The prize is called the "Prix du Premier Roman étranger", which literally translates as "First Novel Award, in the foreign category".

The reason for mentioning all this is that, Shi-li Kow was like any other participant of this progamme when she started out. Now she is an internationally renowned writer.

Not everyone wants to become an international writer like Shih-li Kow. People write for many reasons. Some merely want to write better at their workplace, some write as a hobby in their spare time. Some want to become better editors. If you are any of these people, the Silverfish Writing Programme is for you.

The programme will be conducted in English and a minimum competency in the language will be essential for all participants 

BTW, you can register for the Silverfish Writing Programme at Silverfish Books @ Bangsar Village 2, Tel: 03-22844837 (cash, cheque, money transfer or credit card) or online: (We do not encourage booking. To be fairness to all, registration will be on a, strictly, first come-first served basis. All our previous workshops have been fully subscribed very early. So we advise you to register early to avoid disappointment.

About the programme:

This programme is about creative storytelling and skilful writing. It’s about allowing the story to do the talking. It’s about allowing your story to come alive. (Yes, we believe stories have a life of their own and live in your imagination and must be allowed to roam free in the wild.) While language is an important tool that must be sharpened, it’s not the story. 

The Silverfish Writing Programme is about learning the techniques that make stories come alive and grab readers. You can also make all look so easy, like Shih-li does.