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  • Silverfish Writing Programme
    Do you believe in the power of a story?
    Have you wondered why do some stories work while others don’t?

  • Self-Publishing Hub
    Self publishing has always been around, but now it seems more the norm than the exception, at least with first-time authors. It is easy to self-publish, but how do you sell the books? Major chains are not willing to take your book unless it is a proven seller, and you cannot sell it without a decent retail presence. 

  • Guidelines for Manuscript Submission
    First, we encourage you to know your publisher before you submit. Please take some time to review the types of books on our website or in bookshops to give you an idea of what we do. Silverfish Books mission is to publish books by Malaysians, for Malaysians, about Malaysians. Manuscripts satisfying all three criteria, will have the best change of approval, but other works will also be looked at on merit.