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  1. Traditionalism and the Ascendancy of the Malay Ruling Class in Colonial Malaya

    By Donna J. Amoroso

    In this original and perceptive study Donna J. Amoroso argues that the Malay elites' preeminent position after the Second World War had much to do with how British colonialism reshaped old idioms and rituals - helping to (re)invent a tradition.

  2. Bangkit Tempoh Pentadbiran Abdullah

    By Bridget Welsh, James U. H. Chin
    Beliau memegang jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri dengan harapan besar dan beliau sepatutnya dapat melakukan lebih banyak. Malah slogan beliau ketika mula memegang jawatan ialah bekerja bersama saya, bukan untuk saya. Beliau sepatutnya mengambil peluang melakukan perubahan kabinet, perkhidmatan awam, kehakiman dan organ kekuasaan da pentadbiran. - Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
  3. The Sweet Rebel

    By Lilianne Fan, Pauline Fan
    Fan Yew Teng (1942-2010) was former Acting Secretary-General of the Democratic Action Party, Member of Parliament for Kampar and Menglembu and Selangor State Assemblyman. He was also Editor of 'The Rocket', the official organ the DAP.
  4. Bujang Valley (English)

    By V. Nadarajan
    To understand ancient history one must not read ancient history, one must feel ancient history. One cannot understand ancient history by putting one's mind in the 21st century. You must imagine yourself living during the times of your study. to understand Bujang Valley, put your mind back about 2000 years into the past. Let your imagination take you to that period.
  5. The Sara Saga

    By Manicasothy Saravanamuttu
    The decades from the 1930s to the 1960s were hugely important in the making of modern Asia. They saw the tumultuous transition from colonial rule through the travails of war to the eventual attainment of independent nationhood.
  6. Penang : The Fourth Presidency of India 1805-1830

    By Marcus Langdon
    Filling a major gap in the historiography, Marcus Langdon offers a meticulous reconstruction of the formative period of Penang's development. A little over two centuries ago Penang had the distinction of being elevated as the fourth most important settlement - a presidency - of the British East India Company's Indian territories.
  7. The Chulia in Penang

    By Khoo Salma Nasution
    Tamil Muslims once known as Chulias prospered as traders of pelikat cloth, pepper and local products in the Straits of Malacca.
  8. The Penang House and the Straits Architect 1887–1941

    By Jon Sun Hock Lim

    With the inscription of George Town to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the heritage of the Penang house – noted for its architectural flair, inventiveness and stylistic diversity – is now world-renowned. This lavishly illustrated book is an important landmark study of a glorious chapter in Malaysia’s architectural history.

  9. Kaleidoscope : The Memoir of P.G. Lim

    By P.G. Lim
    Tan Sri P.G. Lim has led a remarkable and eventful life at the heart of Malaysian affairs, as personal friend and confidante of all of independent Malaysias prime ministers.
  10. Socio-Historical Development of the Kampung Cina Settlement in Kuala Terengganu

    By Kamarudin Ngah, Tan Yao Sua
    Socio-Historical Development of the Kampung Cina Settlement in Kuala Terengganu.
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