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  1. Highland Tales in the Heart of Borneo : Cerita Dataran Tinggi di Jantung Borneo (Including DVD)

    By Alicia K.C. Ng
    The Highlands of Sarawak and Sabah are home to some the most unique communities in Asia
  2. The Sustainability Shift: Refashioning Malaysia’s Future

    By Adnan A Hezri

    This book shows how, by reforming its institutional hardware, software and ‘heartware’, Malaysia can nurture an inclusive, sustainable society and also benefit economically by greening its growth.

  3. Heritage Trees of Penang

    By Lai Ee May, Pindar Sidisunthorn, Simon Gardner

    A celebration of 200 trees which form an integral part of the natural, cultural and urban heritage of Penang.

  4. Living Landscapes, Connected Communities: Culture, Environment and Change Across Asia

    In an ambitious and pathbreaking regional research project, some of Asia’s leading public intellectuals visited five communities – Kali Code (Indonesia), Tasik Chini (Malaysia), Biwako (Japan), Batanes (The Philippines) and Khiriwong (Thailand) – in order to better understand local responses to  contemporary challenges.

  5. Living Pathways: Meditations on sustainable cultures and cosmologies in Asia

    By M Nadarajah

    Globalisation and technological progress have ushered us into a new era of development. Never before has the promise of the 'Good Life' in a hedonistic, consumerist utopia, been within reach for so may. Yet, a significant portion of humanity is still unable to meet their basic needs. These trends are unsustainable, and beg the question: Where are we heading us as a global community ... and at what cost?

    In 2005, M Nadarajah embarked on a journey into the heart of Asia t research culturally imbedded notions of sustainable development. He met with the indigenous communities of Henanga, Ainu, Lanna, Karen, Kankanaey, Balinese and several others. These cultures reside far from the problems of mainstream development, both physically and spirtually. Their lifestyles incorporate philosophies of interconnectedness; of sacredness of naturel; of the continuity of past, present and future.

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5 Item(s)