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  1. Shades of Dawn

    By Suschelah Fonseka
    This is the story of Ashley, set against the backdrop of colourful Malaysia. It is a fictional story of love, romance, betrayal and revenge. Caught in a web of international intrigue and imprisoned in a maximum-security prison, her spirit never really died. Rescued by love she secretly thrived on one burning desire - revenge.
  2. A Bibliography of Malaysian Literature In English

    By Malachi Edwin Vethamani

    A Bibliography of Malaysian Literature In English provides details of literary works written in the English language and works that have been translated into English from other local language

  3. Fleeting Moments, Illustrated Haiku Poems

    By Emila Yusof
    Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry form. It has grown popular worldwide with original haikus written in the English language.
  4. Complicated Lives

    By Malachi Edwin Vethamani

     Malachi's Complicated Lives offers a rich trove of uncommon Malaysian stories distinctive in their local, Tamil and sexual passions, stretching from childhood to intimations of mortality, each poem another glimpse of 'Reality [that] is but a shade of illusion.'

    - Shirley Geok-lin Lim, winner of Commonwaelth Poetry Prize and American Book Awards; Reasearch Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara.

  5. Staging History: Selected Plays from Five Arts Centre Malaysia

    By Kathy Rowland

    Five Arts Centre's philosophy of experimentation and commitment to promoting new work has led to a rich staging history of plays that have challenged the conventions of form, language and theme on the Malaysian stage. Devised theatre, multilingual performance, improvisation, inter- and intracultural experimentation and cross-genre collaborations are but some of the innovations Five Arts Centre has become known for since it was established in 1984 by Chin San Sooi, Krishen Jit and Marion D'Cruz with K.S. Maniam and Redza Piyadasa.

  6. Malchin Testament: Malaysian Poems

    This book brings together poems of established and emerging Malaysian poets writing in the English language. It is the first volume of poems to cover a period of six decades of Malaysian poetry in English with works from more than 50 poets. The poems range from the works of the early poets like Ee Tiang Hong, Wong Phui Nam, Muhammad Haji Salleh, to Shirley Geok-Lin Lim, Salleh ben Joned, and to recent spoken word poets like Melizarani T. Selva and Jamal Raslan. Malchin Testament: Malaysian Poems showcases Malaysian poetry from its genesis and suggests what lies ahead for poetry writing in Malaysia.

    (The title is drawn from a poem by Salleh ben Joned.)

  7. A Tapestry of Baba Poetry (4th edition)

    By Johny Chee, Lim Poh Keng

    This book is on Penang Baba rhymes, but only the first portion of the book is dedicated to traditional or authentic ones. The greater part of the book comprises the author’s own poems and rhymes, written along the lines of the Penang Baba style.

  8. At A Plank Bridge (Ebook)

    By Kannan Menon

    This thriller set in World War II sees two men who accidentally meet on a Malayan country road in 1945, just after the surrender of the Japanese occupation army.

  9. Bunga Emas (Second Edition) (Ebook)

    By T Wignesan

     This anthology of Malayan/Malaysian Literature in English, Chinese and Tamil from 1930 to 1963 (all translated into English), is something that's never been done before, or since.

  10. Life Happens

    By Malachi Edwin Vethamani
    As with Edwin's first collection, the poems in Life Happens are deceptively simple. Read with patience and reflected upon afterwards, they reveal a depth and richness of the poet's engagement with life i.e. with people, and even creatures and other alive things. The best poems in the collection deal with human encounters.

    -- Wong Phui Nam
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