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  1. 21 Immortals (Ebook)

    By Rozlan Mohd Noor

    21 Immortals: Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders is an explosive debut from the quietly talented Rozlan Mohd Noor, a former police officer, who knew first-hand police work and the links between the force, organized crime and Malaysian politics.

  2. Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals) (Ebook)

    By John Leyden

    The Sejarah Melayu or the Malay Annals are unique in that they constitute the only available account of the history of the Malay Sultanate in the fifteenth and early sixteenth century.

  3. Rawa (Ebook)

    By Isa Kamari

    Rawa is the name of the island and its waters. Rawa is the wind. It is also the name he has lived with for seventy years. He is Rawa, in name and essence.

  4. The Ruined Nest and Other Stories (Ebook)

    By Mohammad A Quayum, Rabindranath Tagore

    This is a collection of Rabindranath Tagore's short stories, edited and translated by Mohammad A. Quayum.

  5. Twenty-Two New Asian Short Stories (Ebook)

    A collection of stories from Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Singapore, edited by Mohammad A Quayum.

  6. UTUBE: Inspector Mislan and the UTube Serial Rapes (Ebook)

    By Rozlan Mohd Noor

    After four rapes (video recordings of which are posted on the internet), one suicide and one bloody murder, Inspector Mislan is convinced that something more sinister is afoot; all the victims are gay.

  7. Malaysian Fables, Folk Tales & Legends (Ebook)

    By Edwin H Gomez, Walter Skeat

    This is a reprint of fables from three volumes - Fables & Folk Tales from an Eastern Forest (1901) by Walter Skeat, as well as Edwin H Gomez’s Seventeen Years Among the Sea Dyaks of Borneo (1911) and Two Dyak Legends (1904). Both Skeat and Gomez were anthropologists of the British colonial period, who brought to a wider reading public home-spun stories that had enthralled many on both the Malay Peninsula and in Borneo.


  8. Bunga Emas (Second Edition) (Ebook)

    By T Wignesan

     This anthology of Malayan/Malaysian Literature in English, Chinese and Tamil from 1930 to 1963 (all translated into English), is something that's never been done before, or since.

  9. At A Plank Bridge (Ebook)

    By Kannan Menon

    This thriller set in World War II sees two men who accidentally meet on a Malayan country road in 1945, just after the surrender of the Japanese occupation army.

  10. Anakara House (Ebook)

    In his second book, Matthew Thomas regales us with a diasporic odyssey, complete with the intrigues, guilt, machinations and expectations experienced by uprooted communities seeking to establish themselves in new and not always hospitable surroundings.

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Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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